The safety of Electra Link, Inc. employees is a priority. Our workforce receives the tools, training, education and resources they need to maintain a safe working environment, reduce risk and improve loss control on every project we manage.

As a result of this commitment, Electra Link consistently maintains an impeccable safety record with Experience Modification Ratings (EMR) and Total Recordable Incident Rates (TRIR) well below the industry average.

We have been the recipient of many safety awards and are proud to be a member of local and national safety organizations.

Councils & Organizations

Electra Link is affiliated with a number of safety councils and safety related organizations such as but not limited to:

National Safety Council
Houston Area Safety Council
Safety Council Texas City
Industrial Safety Training Council
The Associated General Contractors of America
Associated Builders and Contractors Inc.





2016 Subcontractor Safety Award

“Medium Size Subcontractor.”

National Safety Council

“Significant Improvement
in Safety Performance”

National Safety Council

“Occupational Excellence
Achievement Award”


“Safety Achievement Award
Years Worked”


“Safety Achievement Award
Incident Rate Reduced”

Shell Safety Day

“Outstanding Safety Performance in recognition of outstanding contribution to build culture of compliance”

Lower is Better

The Experience Modifier Rate indicates the safety score issued through a collaborative effort by The National Council on Compensation Insurance and a company’s workers compensation insurance provider. A low rating reflects a fewer number of safety incidents. Electra Link’s rating is consistently below the industry’s average, indicative of the substantial energy and commitment the company has toward keep its employees and job sites safe.

The TRIR is based on all work-related injuries or illnesses. Our TRIR is consistently below the industry average, indicating that our programs safeguard employees and result in a more efficient, safe and healthful operation.

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