Industrial Communication

Electra Link is a leader in industrial operations and has been working in the industrial communications industry since 1992. We have continuously invested resources into qualified personnel, equipment, and safety to support onshore and offshore operations for the industry.  Our vast experience in this field allows Electra Link to provide support on all projects of different scopes, size, and complexity This division supports a variety of customers all over the State of Texas and Louisiana and continues to grow every year.


Electra Links industrial communications division has been a part of our core business for 30+ years. We install conduit duct banks and industrial raceway, copper, and fiber network infrastructure, and install devices throughout Petro-chemical facilities, oil and gas refineries, Solar farms, power and utility sites, and manufacturing and distribution facilities. We have the experience and equipment to install all these communication mediums in underground applications, aerial plant, and all inside plant raceway configurations. We provide services for Site Maintenance, Capital projects, ground up construction, plant expansions, and adds and moves in existing facility applications.